Results of Republican Presidential Primary Poll

Instant Runoff Voting

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Below you can see how South Carolinians voted in the August 2023 Poll

Use the interactive bargraph to see how instant runoff voting allows voters to participate in a runoff without having to return to the polls for each round. Instead, their votes are redistributed according to how each voter ranked their candidates on their ballots.

As you can see the elimination of vote splitting allowed us to see who commands the vote of the majority of participants. To learn more about how instant runoff voting works and its many benefits, please visit our Why IRV page.

In September, Nikki Haley again took the top spot. This South Carolina favorite has been all over the news after her fiery debate performances. Please note that Ryan Binkley and Corey Stapleton were on the poll, but neither received any first place vote so they are not included in this results visualization.
For our October Republican Presidential Primary Poll, South Carolina favorite Nikki Haley again took the top spot. Former President Donald Trump was close on her heels the whole time. We'll see if he can over take her in November. Vote in the poll now.
November's poll has Nikki Haley on top again. South Carolinians know why Haley is surging in national polls. We can also see how instant runoff voting helps voters consolidate their support.
December was yet another good month for Nikki Haley. You can see the support for her grow with each round of elimination.

Instant runoff voting (also known as ranked choice voting) is a simple upgrade to the way that we already vote. By ranking your candidates, you have more voice and more choice in our elections. To learn more, please visit our Why IRV page.
To get this upgrade to our elections, we'll need your support. Please cast your vote for instant runoff voting by signing the petition or contacting your legislators

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