Presidential Primary Polling Results

Instant runoff voting has many benefits for a Presidential Primary. Voters can select their preferred candidate, but still have back up choices. This shows where support truly lies and gives the ultimate winner a true majority mandate from the party.

Additionally, it solves the problem of "zombie votes:" votes that were cast before a candidate dropped out of the race. This is something that is increasingly problematic with the growth of early voting. Instant runoff voting solves this problem as was seen in the US Virgin Island's Primary on February 8.

Below are the results from our Instant Runoff Voting Republican Presidential Primary Poll conducted during the month of August.

Use the interactive bar graph to see how instant runoff voting allows voters to participate in a runoff without having to return to the polls for each round. Instead, their votes are redistributed according to how each voter ranked their candidates on their ballots.

To learn more about why instant runoff voting is a better way to vote, please visit our Why IRV page.

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