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Click the links below to see the many letters to the editor and opinion pieces that IRV supporters have had published in local newspapers


Opinion: The Post and Courier

August 19, 2023, "Haley-Scott-Youngkin argument should prompt change in SC primary rules"


My Turn: The Statehouse Report

August 18, 2023, "Instant runoff voting could fix broken election system"


Commentary: The Post and Courier

August 15, 2023, "Ranked-choice primary would increase odds of Haley or Scott win"


Opinion: The Post and Courier

August 4, 2023, "When fewer candidates actually give voters a clearer choice"


Letter to the Editor: The Post and Courier

June 8, 2023, "Ranked choice voting would force candidates to campaign in all states"


Opinion: The Post and Courier

April 17, 2023, "SC House has time to fix small election glitch this year, maybe a larger one too"


Opinion: The Post and Courier

April 15, 2023, "North Charleston must fix its flawed city elections while it still can"


Letter to the Editor: The Post and Courier

Mar 21, 2023, "Support instant runoff for municipal elections in SC"


Letter to the Editor: The Sun News

Mar 14, 2023, "Simplify Elections"


Letter to the Editor: The Times and Democrat

Mar 9, 2023, "Ranked voting vs runoff"


Opinion: Post and Courier

Feb 25, 2023, "A 13% salary increase? North Charleston's political plan is ill conceived"


Our View: Charleston City Paper

Feb 1, 2023, "Defend Democracy Now, More Than Ever"


Letter to the Editor: The State

Jan 22, 2023, "Letter: Support RCV"


Commentary: Post and Courier

Jan 22, 2023, "Ranked choice voting means more voices and more choices for South Carolinians"


Opinion: Post and Courier

Nov 19, 2022, "Scoppe: Ranked-choice voting just keeps growing. It’s time for SC to expand its use here"


Letter to the Editor: Post and Courier

Nov 18, 2022, "Ranked Choice" This article won the Golden Pen Award:


Opinion: Post and Courier

August 14, 2022, "An important reminder of how elections work and how SCs could work better"


Opinion: The State

February 2022, "Want to change SC politics for the better? Vote incumbents out, Columbia resident urges"


Letter to the Editor: Greenville News

October 30, 2020, "Why South Carolina Lawmakers Should Get Behind Ranked Choice Voting"


Are we missing any? Let us know at [email protected]

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