Results of Democratic Presidential Primary Poll

Instant Runoff Voting

Beginning in August, Better Ballot SC has run Democratic Presidential Primary polls. Below are the results of those polls with the most recent at the bottom. Please note that there is no October poll because there were only two candidates and, therefore, an IRV poll was unnecessary.

Three candidates have filed for the South Carolina Democratic Primary. Click here to take this month's poll.

Below you can see how South Carolinians voted in the August 2023 Poll. Use the interactive bargraph to see how instant runoff voting redistributes votes according to the original ranked ballot after a first choice has been eliminated.

As you can see, even when a candidate commands a majority in the first round, we can still eliminate low vote getters to see how much support the winner truly has. This gives them a clearer mandate to govern. To learn more about how instant runoff voting works and its many benefits, please visit our Why IRV page.

The Commander in Chief took the top spot in the September Poll. It again highlights the benefits of using IRV even if a majority is secured in the first round. By continuing the counting process, a true measure of support can be found. This gives candidates a more secure mandate to govern.
November's Poll shows again how instant runoff voting can show the true support behind a candidate.
In December, Biden held the top spot and gained majority support in the final round.

Instant runoff voting (also known as ranked choice voting) is a simple upgrade to the way that we already vote. By ranking your candidates, you have more voice and more choice in our elections. To learn more, please visit our Why IRV page.
To get this upgrade to our elections, we'll need your support. Please cast your vote for instant runoff voting by signing the petition or contacting your legislators

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