IRV/RCV Day Rally 2024 Agenda

Thank you for attending the 2nd Annual Instant Runoff Voting Rally


Rank Your Music Genres

Crank it up and let's see who takes the top spot


Rank Your Sauce

What kind of BBQ lover are you?


Rank Your 2023 Blockbusters

Blockbuster are back! Which will take the top spot?



(In alphabetical order)

Karl Brady

Council Member, Charleston City Council

Neal Collins

SC House Representative, District 5

Cosponsor of H.4022

Chris Himsl

Former Army Colonel and State Lead for Veterans for All Voters

Dr Jermaine Johnson

SC House Representative, District 70

Cosponsor of H.4022

Chase Oliver

Libertarian Presidential Candidate and former candidate in the Georgia Senate race with Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker

Chris Saxman

Executive Director of Virgina FREE, Former Member of the Virgins House of Delegates, and John McCain's Virginia Campaign Co-Chair.

Mr Saxman's organization was instrumental in Virginia's GOP adopting instant runoff voting in 2021, which resulted in the first Republican Governor in 12 years.


Erik Sickinger

Council Member, Irmo Town Council


Emceeing today's events

Nicole Sanchez

President of Better Ballot SC


Coalition Partners

Special Thanks

All our program participants

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