Better Ballot Bulletin: July 1, 2022


Welcome to the Better Ballot Bulletin. Here you will find important updates in the world of instant runoff voting and events to attend that help spread the word of IRV in SC.


News in Instant Runoff Voting

Editorial: A Better Way to Get to 50% plus 1: The Post and Courier

Simplify Primaries: The Sun News (2nd article down).

Comparing Virginia and Ohio Republicans primary races, IRV vs Plurality: Dayton Daily News

How Instant Runoff Voting Gives Voters More Choices: US Vote Foundation

Hoboken, NJ and Trigger Ordinances, A Path for IRV in SC: Hudson Reporter. Trigger ordinances show the legislature that there is a demand for IRV. Are you an official interested in trigger ordinances or know someone who might be? Let us know at [email protected]


Ever wonder how IRV works in races with multiple winners? Check this out: FairVote


Better Ballot SC Events

Canvassing at the Soda City Market: TOMORROW! July 2, 10am. Join us for canvassing at the Soda City Market in Columbia. We'll bring the clipboards and pens, you bring the enthusiasm and smiles!

Weekly Work Jam and Welcome: These free form Zoom sessions are all about getting work done. Roll up your sleeves to learn a new skill or contribute with what your best at. Wednesdays: July 6 and July 20.

Curious what we'll be working on? Check out our Slack (click here to join) or Facebook beforehand.

Phone Banking with Better Ballot SC: July 12 and July 26 at 6pm. Time to hit the phones! We have supporters and we need too mobilize them. Join us biweekly.

National Pitch Training: Join IRV fans from across the country to learn from the experts how to talk to people about this great policy! July 7, July 14, July 21, and July 28.

Quarterly Statewide Call: Wednesday July 27 @ 7pm. Join us to get the latest updates and discussion on upcoming events and strategy. We'll be meeting via Zoom. Register here.


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Hope to see you soon,

Nicole Sanchez

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