Better Ballot Bulletin: November 15, 2021


News in Instant Runoff Voting

IRV was passed in three municipalities across the country and used for the first time in many others: Fulcrum

Columbia voters turned out to elect their mayor and city council. Both led to runoffs (remember to vote this Tuesday). Check out this opinion piece in the state that argues for IRV: The State


Today starts our


Join us each day of the week for a variety of activities to help educate fellow South Carolinians about instant runoff voting.

Start the week right with

Sign It Sunday

Sign and share the petition on your social media. Plus, take a poll and let's see what Thanksgiving sides win the battle! Click here to vote in the battle!

Multiply Monday

We're going hybrid for this month's statewide meeting. You can join us in Columbia at Beef O'Brady's or via Zoom. Multiply our attendees this Multiply Monday! Invite 5 of your friends to come to the meeting.


T-Shirt Tuesday

We have some great IRV swag. If you have it, wear it! If you don't, order some today


Work It Wednesday

Join us for the All Volunteers Jam Session. We'll meet via Zoom at 6pm and roll up our sleeves. These free form jams are all about learning and doing.

Then we'll flex our knowledge of random facts at Trivia Night. We'll meet at Republic Biergarten in Columbia for a low key meeting and then try our hand at trivia.


Team Work Thursday

We'll make instant runoff voting a reality in South Carolina if we work as a team. First we'll head to Florence's Timrod Park for a canvass.

Then join us for the November Statewide Meeting. Join us in person at Beef O'Brady's in Columbia or via Zoom at 7pm.


Fast Friday

Canvass with us at the Joe Riley Waterfront Park in Charleston as we talk to people about how fast instant runoff voting is.


Social Saturday

We'll cap off our week of action by getting social at the Soda City Market Canvass. We'll be speaking to market goers about the benefits instant runoff voting. Nervous? Don't worry. Our seasoned canvassers will be there to help.

Want to get social closer to home? Not a problem. Contact us at [email protected] or 803-881-6027 and we'll help you set it up.


Want to get involved but none of these times lines up? Let us know and we can work to create events in your backyard.


Everyday is a good day to donate.

You can also support the movement with a donation. Consider making a monthly donation. They help us to better plan for the future.

Hope to see you soon,

Nicole Sanchez

President, BetterBallotSC

BetterBallotSC BetterBallotSC · SC 29420, United States


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