Better Ballot Bulletin: September 1, 2021


Welcome to the Better Ballot Bulletin. Here you will find important updates in the world of instant runoff voting, events to attend that help spread the word of IRV, and information and news about other good governance policies.

News in Instant Runoff Voting

Nashville One Step Closer to IRV: Memphis Flyer

Broomfield City Council Puts IRV of the Ballot: Colorado Newsline

We launched our shop! Check out some great instant runoff voting swag.

Better Ballot Events

Canvassing at the Soda City Market: Columbia, Sat Sept 4 at 10am. RSVP here.

Activities Team Meeting: via Zoom Aug 7 and Aug 21 at 7pm.

Canvassing at USC: Columbia, Thurs Sept 7 at 11am. RSVP here.

Canvassing at the Soda City Market: Columbia Sat Sept 11 at 10am. RSVP here.

Canvassing at the Charleston Farmers Market: Charleston, Sat Sept 25. RSVP here.

Statewide Strategy Meeting: viz Zoom. Tues Sept 28 at 7pm. RSVP Today.

Want to get involved? It's a great way to learn new skills or to hone current ones. Check out all the ways that you can contribute to this great movement. For some, you don't even have to leave the house!

Are you looking for a flyer to hang up at your local community board? Or maybe something to handout to people? Check out our Printables!

We have a new and easy way to get involved! Sign our petition! Show your support of instant runoff voting by signing and sharing.

Did you know that there are Better Ballot SC Facebook groups for your county? Join yours today to help build the movement in your backyard

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Thank you for your time,

Nicole Sanchez

President, BetterBallotSC



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