Better Ballot Bulletin: May 15, 2024

Here you will find important updates in the world of instant runoff voting and events to attend that help spread the word of IRV/RCV in SC.

Great events to get plugged in!

IRV Pitch Training: Thursdays at 8pm. Learn how to pitch Instant Runoff Voting when canvassing on the street or at an event from a Rank the Vote National Organizer! We'll talk about best practices, and have opportunities for you to practice in a friendly environment. All questions welcome.

Bank 'n' Brew with BBSC: May 20, 7pm. Calling is better in a group and with a cold brew. Join fellow supporters in person to call our list to let them know about all the great things we have building in the instant runoff voting movement. There will be a short training followed by hitting the phones.

Phonebanking for BBSC: May 21, 11am. Not in Charleston? That's okay. Join fellow supporters virtually. Let's call supporters to let them know about all the great things we have building in the instant runoff voting movement. There will be a short training followed by hitting the phones.

Statewide Strategy Call: May 28, 7pm. By popular demand, we're changing our monthly meeting to the 4th Tuesday of the month! Join us to recap the month and discuss the future, locally. Join us in Columbia, Charleston, or virtually. Everyone will meet on the call and have a quick recap of what the state of the movement in South Carolina is and then we'll break into local groups.

Letter to the Editor Training: June 3, 8pm. Join other IRV enthusiasts in crafting letters for your local newsletters. Best practices and strategies will be discussed. All questions answered. By dedicating focused time to writing LTEs on a regular basis, you can help boost the IRV signal in your community and across the country.


Other Events to Get Excited About

Making Democracy Count: May 16, 2pm. Join FairVote as we interview mathematician and author Ismar Volić about his new book, Making Democracy Count: How Mathematics Improves Voting, Electoral Maps, and Representation.

Defending Democracy Panel, Carolina for All: May 16, 6:30pm, Benedict College Little Theater. Join 6 democracy experts as they discuss some of the biggest issues facing our country and state.

Political Spending and Democracy: May 20, 5pm. Business for Democracy and American Promise continue the discussion with leading economic experts, Michael Donnelly and Maureen Kline, about how our lopsided campaign finance laws negatively affect the U.S. economy. 



Curious how SC's UOCAVA voters vote? Check out the SEC's website


Protecting Our Laboratories of Democracy: The Dangers of Banning Ranked Choice Voting: Independent Voter News

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News in Instant Runoff Voting

Louisiana runoffs have low turn out and high costs. Ranked choice voting can help: FairVote

Plus: This Louisiana Republican agrees: X (formerly Twitter)

What will the parties do as more and more voters go independent? The Hill

Two instant runoff voting titans make list of Washington DC's 500 most influential people: Rob Richie and Cynthia Richie Terrell


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Introduced by Representatives Neal Collins (R-5) and Dr Jermaine Johnson (D-70)

This bill will give municipalities the option of using instant runoff voting in elections. The regular 2024 legislative is over, but that does NOT mean the effort is. We will be doubling our efforts to find more supporters. We need to gather more support so that we can push it even further next session!

We are looking for:


We are actively looking for cosponsors for this municipal option bill. The best way to do this is to sit down with legislatures and have a conversation with them about the benefits of IRV. We know that talking to our legislators can be intimidating. If you would like to meet with your elected officials or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]. We can provide support and guidance.

Municipal Resolutions of Support

Individual municipalities are key to our strategy. When the elected officials who will be most affected by this new option are supportive, it will go a long way to show the legislature that this should be passed. Not all town and city council members know about this great upgrade to the way that we vote. To learn more about how to spread the word, email us at [email protected]

Business Support

The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce has joined our coalition in support of instant runoff voting/ranked choice voting. They are actively looking for businesses to sign on and show their support. If you are a business owner or know one, please sign the petition.

Are you looking for a flyer to hang up at your local community board? Or maybe something to handout to people? Check out our Printables!

We have an easy way to get involved! Sign our petition! Show your support of instant runoff voting by signing and sharing. Remember to share it to your social media!

If you like what you've read here and would like us to continue our efforts, please donate. We're building momentum here in South Carolina. Help us continue to educate our fellow South Carolinians. Consider making a monthly contribution. It helps us to better strategize our long term goals.


Thank you for reading,

Nicole Sanchez,

President, Better Ballot SC

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