IRV/RCV Day Rally

Welcome to the IRV/RCV Day Rally at the State House

Hosted by Better Ballot SC

More Voice and More Choice

Program of Events


Nicole Sanchez

President of Better Ballot SC


Explanation of Instant Runoff Voting/Ranked Choice Voting and Today's Polls

Rank Your Ice Cream

Rank Your Sports to Watch

Rank Your Marvel Super Heroes

Nicole Sanchez



Danny Morales

Co-Chair of SC State Braver Angels and Co-Chair of Braver Angels Soda City Alliance



Joseph Oddo

Four Time Ballot Certified Congressional Candidate and Founder of Numerous Political Advocacy Organizations


Rank Your Ice Cream Results

Nicole Sanchez



Kasie Whitener

Vice Chair of the SC Libertarian Party

She will also read a statement from former GA Senate Candidate and current Presidential Candidate Chase Oliver



David Whiteman

Member of the SC Green Party and Former Member of the University of South Carolina Political Science Department


Rank Your Favorite Sport to Watch Results

Nicole Sanchez



Christopher Himsl

Former Colonel in the United States Army and Current Midlands Leader of Principles First South Carolina



Dr. Jermaine Johnson

South Carolina State House Representative, District 70


Rank Your Marvel Super Heroes

Nicole Sanchez


Keynote Speaker

Andrew Yang

Former Presidential Candidate and Current Co-Leader of Forward


Coalition Partners

Special Thanks

All our program participants


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