Testimony for Instant Runoff voting

H.4022 has been scheduled for a hearing

, Blatt Building: Room 516

View the agenda here

This is what we've been waiting for! Testimony can be presented in person or written. As there will be short time for in person testimony, please submit written testimony. Testimony can be sent to [email protected]



[Your First & Last Name]
Regarding H.4022: Instant Runoff Voting

[Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and the issue you want to testify about]

  • Thank the Constitutional Law Subcommittee for holding a hearing about 4022 and for the opportunity to write them.
  • Give your first and last name and identify yourself. Ex. “My name is William Johnson and I am a concerned SC resident/SC voter/etc.” If you are a constituent of one of the members of the committee, work that in.
  • Tell them what you’re testifying about. Ex. “I am writing in support of H.4022, instant runoff voting."

[Paragraph 2: Make you case]

  • Our vetted talking points:
    • H.4022 would give municipalities the option to use instant runoff voting. This is more choice for municipalities, not less
    • Municipalities spend thousands of dollars on runoffs that could be better spent. Check out these numbers: Municipal runoff costs. With instant runoff voting, that cost is eliminated.
    • Returning to the polls two weeks later for a runoff is inconvenient for voters and a burden to election officials. Instant runoff voting allows voters to rank their candidates. With that information, an instant runoff can be conducted instead of a traditional runoff. This ensures a majority consensus winner.
  • Personal stories are impactful. If you have one related to your argument and are comfortable sharing, use it.
  • Instant runoff voting is used by millions of Americans across the United States already. It's even used by our military and absentee overseas voters.
    • Where it's currently in use: RCV Resource Center
      • Utah municipalities have been using it successfully for years
      • VA GOP used it in 2021 to take back the Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General for the first time in over a decade

[Paragraph 3: Explain how instant runoff voting would fix this]

[Paragraph 4: Refute H.4591]

  • There is a RCV ban bill being considered at the same time. Please include information on how this bill would be counter to the interests of South Carolinians.
    • Also, as instant runoff voting is already not permitted under South Carolina law (hence the introduction of H.4022), this bill is unnecessary and takes up the valuable time of our legislators

[Paragraph 5: Thank the subcommittee members]

  • Thank the sub committee members for reading your testimony.
  • Tell them you hope they consider your testimony. Ex. “Your consideration of improving the South Carolina voting experience with instant runoff voting is very much appreciated.”

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